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Before A reader buys a book, they want to know if it's any good. They want to know what other readers have said about it... After all the exhausting, beautiful hours of composing your book; finally, it's done. It's published. But among the millions of books available today, how will yours stand out?

People don't take risks when buying a book online. They want to know it's good BEFORE they buy it. So what do they do?

They look at what other readers have said about it.

A recent article had this to say about Amazon and reviews:
The Amazon reader reviews are today’s equivalent of manipulating the numbers. How is the book a success? You would think blurbs or actual media and viral reviews would be the most important criteria for Amazon’s algorithm assessing positioning and promotion. Nope, those have no mathematical number to plug into a formula. So is it the public reviewers’ average rating? Not alone. ... One hundred reviews at three stars becomes more valuable commercially than 10 at five stars. Crudely speaking, 300 of anything is more valuable than 50.

We understand this dilemma, this Catch-22. At Ultimate Book Authority, we maintain a cultivated list of readers across the country categorized by genre and waiting to hear from us about the next new author that needs reviews.

Authors like you.


What We Offer

With a database of thousands of readers/reviewers across the country (and even some beyond our borders) we are uniquely poised to provide one of the most essential pieces of marketing you can utilize for your book.
Having reviews for your book serves an important role: Good publicity, good marketing, and good feedback for you, the author.

When you sign up for one of our packages, we will email our readers asking who would be willing to post a review if they were to receive a copy of your book. All there is left is for you to reach out to each of those readers to finalize details and send the book.

We offer a number of packages styled to fit your budget and reviewing needs. In addition to our reader lists, we provide Beta Reader services. From our own, internal list of beta readers, we will get your unpublished work read with honest, critical feedback - letting you know from an unbiased source what a typical reader sees in your book: both good and bad.

10 Readers

  • Our lowest cost option.
  • Contains contact information for 10 readers who have specifically expressed interest in your book for $49.99
  • This package can serve as a great introduction to our services.
  • Qualifies you for a one-time 10% discount on our 50-reader package.

20 Readers

  • Lower per-reader cost than the 10 reader package.
  • Contains contact information for 20 potential readers for just $89.99.
  • A great median-level option.

Beta Readers

  • Get reviews BEFORE you Publish
  • A little constructive criticism can go a long way.
  • Several packages offered.
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About Our Reader lists

No matter the size of your order, you will receive names and email addresses for readers who specifically asked to be on our list for this purpose, and who have requested specifically your book.

You will also receive a suggested email template that you can use for your queries to these readers. You can use this as a guide, or craft your own email in your own style completely - it's up to you how you approach these readers.

Our readers list is extensive enough (thousands of readers) that we are able to ensure no reader is getting requests by authors too frequently to keep up with all their options.

Good books are a shared love of all of us. Let's get yours the notice it deserves.

Be A Reader
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Some of our feedback


Some Feedback

While we do pride ourselves on customer confidentiality, please see what some of our customers have said.

  • Thank you so much! I had great response from this list. It's so nice to see reviews up there that aren't from my own family members!
    - Sharon P.

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  • Wow... Thank you so much Frank.... I really like your service and I hope to continue working with you... Thank you for the fabulous review of [my book] by Johni.... Cheers,
    - Kevin S

    - Tiffany
  • Thanks again for all the work and your kind comments. I've always advertised my books on Facebook, but as you know, people just will not buy a book without seeing a number of reviews. I get a lot more bang out of my advertising dollars since I've used your service.
    - Michael F

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  • Your service has helped with my new book so much that I’d like to try it with some of my older titles.
    - Kate J

  • Thanks again for your service - I won’t even start to advertise anymore until I have reviews - I don’t know what I’d do without you!

    - Jennifer
  • I gotta tell you. Ultimate Book Authority is great. You're prompt, keep communication open, and you deliver. All an author can ask for. I've tried a few review services and no other one delivered a single thing. Not only that, they don't respond to my follow ups. I wish I'd have found you earlier. And I just ordered a package of 100 more readers.
    - Jason R


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